Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mama Rosa's Intimate Dinner

We had an intimate dinner for our lovely mother for her birthday.  We wanted to enjoy our mother's dinner and still be able to make our creations.  We had to make it as intimate as possible, since both of our parent's families are huge!  With the help of some talented girlfriends, our mother's dinner was a success!!! 
MKR Creations created Invitations, Chocolate Caramel Apples, Tamarind Chile Apples, Chocolate Covered Marshmallows, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Labels, Centerpieces & Decorations. 
Veronica from Ronisugar Creations created the adorable Heel and Purse cookies and the cupcakes. 
Kelly and Jenny created some adorable cupcakes special for our mother, they were delicious and very cute. 
 Dennise from Dnichy's Cakes created the adorable  fondant cake.  Dennise surprised us with a very special detail on the cake.  MKR's initials were on the the heel! The heel was the cake topper! 
 Thank You very much girls for helping us out in making this intimate dinner for our mother very special for her!

Thank You Kelly and Jenny for the adorable cupcakes! You Girls ROCK!

Vero, Thank You very much for your fabulous creations they were a hit!!!!

Thank You Dennise for the special detail on the cakes heel! MKR's Initials!

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