Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Roxy's Halloween Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated our sister (Roxy's) Halloween Theme Birthday! We all got dressed up in our costumes and partied the night away!!! As you all know our parties are not complete without Ronisugar Creations and Dnichys Cakes Cookies.   Since Roxy's birthday lands so close to Halloween she is not to thrilled about celebrating her birthday with a Halloween theme but we tried to make it as much fun and festive for her as we could.  We personally think it adds some fun to the party specially when everyone dresses up.  
Sister; MKR Creations wishes you many more years to come your way full of happiness, health and success.  You have accomplished many positive things in life but there is still a few that still need a check on the box. 
We love and MKR wouldn't be complete with you


 Cupcakes & Cookies Created by Ronisugar Creations

Cake Created by Dnichy's Cakes & Cookies
 Apples,Cake Pops, Oreos & Pretzels created by MKR Creations
Happy Halloween!
From MKR Creations
Left-Maria T.(aka Beba)
Middle-Roxana (aka Roxy)
Right-Kristina(aka Kristy) 

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