Friday, August 24, 2012

Bird Theme Baby Shower

Cookies created by Ronisugar Creations

This Baby Shower was for Brigitte; one of 8 of Roxy's BFF's! We LOVE their bonding when they are together; they have been friends forever and hope the same friendship continues with their children.  Ronisugar Creations created the adorable cake and cookies and cupcakes! Everything was  adorable and created by Brigitte and her family.  We created stationary and a few treats (tamarind chile apples, chocolate covered strawberries.  Baby Arianny is here! Congratulations Brigitte on the arrival of your beautiful baby girl!


  1. Really cute theme for a bridal shower.

  2. I love this bird theme.I like that you make egg shape sweets.
    Pooh Baby Shower