Friday, May 11, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood 1st Birthday Theme

Samantha wanting to eat her delicious cake!

Samantha & Vida emjoying a treat!

This was Samantha's Little Red Riding Hood 1st Birthday Party!
Samantha is our sister (Maria T.) soon to be god daughter and Samantha's mom (Claudia) wanted the whole party to look spectacular and I think we were able to acomplish that right?  Well thanks to all the talented ladies who were part of this incredible birthday party and we worked together as a great team everything looked amazing!  Claudia really planned every single detail with alot of tought, excitement and love for her princess 1st Birthday Party!    How time goes by so fast! A year ago we were planning Claudia's Baby Shower with lots of excitement Click here  to see her baby shower pictures and now celebrating Samantha's first year of life.  We can't wait to start planning for the Baptism which should be this summer! 

Claudia (Samantha's Mom)-Centerpieces & Decorations 
Karla (Samantha's Aunt)-Set Up 
Pau Sweet-Cake & Chocolate Strawberrie Toparies
Ciao Zari-Straws, Goodie Bags & Baking Cups
Ronisugar Creations-Cupcakes, Cookies & Candy Apples
MKR Creations-Invitations, Labels,Cake Pops, Coconut Apples,
Marshmallow Pops, Oreo Pops & Chocolate Caramel Apples,
Sweet Pea Blossoms-Samantha's Dress

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