Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Real Madrid Soccer Party Theme

This was our lil brothers Jared's birthday party!  He is a soccer player and huge fan of Real Madrid and his favorite player is Ronaldo Cristiano.  If you know about soccer, he is one of  the best and hottest players right now.  Our parents wanted to keep it small and simple and our brother said "mom my sisters need to make their creations for my party"!!! jajaja! and sure enough, we did.  He had a list going of items he wanted to request!  There is no way that we would not make any creations for him specially being our lil brother!  To make it easy for us, we just made 12 items of each.  We had chocolate caramel apples, tamarind chile apples, chocolate covered marshmallow pops, chocolate covered oreo cups and our cakepops plus all the stationary items.  Jared's party would not be complete if we didn't have Ronisugar Creations cupcakes cake and cookies! Veronica did such and amazing job with the cake & cookies! Every single detail was adorable!  It was such a joy to have our newest member of MKR Creations our niece/daughter Vida Salome celebrating with us!  She brightens our days and builds so much energy in our lives.  We want to wish our brother a happy birthday and many more and hopefully one day he will be that well known soccer player which he aspires to become.... like Ronaldo Cristiano! We love you Jared!


  1. im gonna use some of your party ideas to creat a bday surprise to a Cristiano Ronaldo Lover. hes birthday is comming soon and this looks great.

  2. wanted to know where did you find the water bottle tags?