Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pizza/Chef Party Theme

This was our nephew/son birthday gathering at  CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) in Chula Vista, CA.  We weren't aware of the packages CPK offered for kids parties till we saw a post in Total City Girl  blog.  Wow! Stacey from Total City Girl blog hosted her daughter's party at her local CPK in New York City and created some adorable creations as well. 
Junior loves to cook and what better way to celebrate with a Pizza/Chef Theme! Oh and by the way he created his own birthday cakes! Yes our nephew/son baked and decorated his own cakes and they were delicious! 
Junior looks up to his Uncle (Chef Erick Medina) which he encourages him to continue his cooking skills.  He wanted Uncle Erick to be at his party since he was a Chef.  Jr called him a few minutes before his friends arrived to make sure that wouldn't forget his Chef Coat.  It was hilarious.   
With the help of our good friend Veronica from Ronisugar Creations who created the adorable chef cookies and cupcakes and our sister's co-worker (Amy) who created the amazing aprons which the kids got to take home; we were able to make the perfect party for Junior and his friends.  Jessie the manager at CPK and his staff were just amazing and really helpful.  Jessie surprised Junior with his own personalized chef jacket and CPK baseball cap and gifts for the kids. 
We, MKR Creations created all the stationary items (you could see the invitation here in another post), the onion and tomato cake pops, chocolate & caramel tomato and onion apples, the adorable red oven favor boxes which had a chocolate covered oreo inside.    Each kid took home a measuring cup with candy, oven glove and an adorable set called (Kids in the Kitchen) which included cooking utensils.  Happy 10th Birthday Junior mom and aunts are really proud of you & we love you!!!  

We played a really quick game hot or cold pizza and Jr found it 2 quick!

Vida Salome our niece/daughter had her own apron as well it was adorable!

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